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The reason I have changed my website to a blog format is the infrequency of which the events I cover take place. Now that my Public Liability insurance is in place and Fueltopia (www.fueltopia.co.uk) have kindly accepted me as a photographer/blogger I will be holding more events but this gives me more control in terms of what I can shoot and how often. It also allows for feedback from anyone viewing the site to comment on photo's and events, I love to hear your feedback as I want to improve as quickly as possible so your feedback is always more than welcome.

The Hawk Centre - May 2012

Birds Of PreyPosted by Ryan Haines Wed, June 13, 2012 11:36:39
My second passion for photography is Birds Of Prey, unfortuantely I don't ahve the patience or the time to head off into the countryside and wait for an ellusive Bird Of Prey to come into view, I also don't have reuqired lengths to get some of the fantastic photos that we see on the web!

Luckily an answer is at hand, within a 30 minute drive from my home is The Hawk Conservancy Trust, just outside of Andover, Hampshire. With friendly staff and a great selection of birds which are flown daily I pop down when I can to try and play with the camera and practice my panning technique, with the odd portrait thrown in for good measure...

There are 3 main flying displays throughout the day focusing on different birds from around the world and owls to close the day. The guys fly the birds well and the audience is birds are flown as close to the audience as possible.

The Hawk Centre is a great family day out and easy to get to...

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